Clark Malcolm Greene's Memoirs: DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards and
Things I Only Did Once!
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DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards-A Memoir

     A True Classic!     

The dog, Patch, is mythically heroic as she leads her fallible boy, Clark, through the murk and triumphs of childhood. Together they explore the realms of the heart as they trudge over ice or through a marsh, always in companionship. A slice of time seasoned with wit and steeped in the love of a boy and dog, this book, set in Michigan in the 1950's, celebrates timeless connections made in places that no longer exist.  - Phoebe G. Linden, Santa Barbara, California USA


I Highly Recommend to ALL Ages!

Clark Malcolm Greene has written a thoroughly enjoyable and easily read book. With wit and candor, he paints vivid pictures of his early years on the shores of Lake Erie. A boy and his dog is hardly a new concept, but Clark has created an insight into the relationship of man and dog in a charming and colorful way. This is one book that I would highly recommend to all ages, and if I were still teaching English, I would be using this in my classrooms. DOG Is GOD Spelled Backwards ranks right up there with To Kill a Mockingbird with Scout, Jem and Bo. I am eagerly looking forward to the next book! - Miss Mathis, Monroe, Michigan USA

                  Read It: Laugh! Weep!             

These True Stories Will Stay With You Forever!

Clark Greene has written a moving memoir in DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards, harking back to a simpler, more innocent time that has been steamrolled into oblivion by technology and fear. Recounting his growing up years rambling about with his Airedale Terrier, Patch. This is more than just a boy-and-his-dog book, more than a coming-of-age book, it's a portrait of the heart of America. Funny and heartbreaking, the story is alternately lighthearted and gritty, not shying away from the dark underbelly of family life and life in general.  - Melissa Bowersock, author of Queen’s Gold, Tucson, Arizona USA


I loved this book! A Beautiful, Funny-Sad Book!

Clark Greene has created an unusual memoir that entertains and engages like fiction. On the shores of Lake Erie in the 1950's, Clark and Patch grow up together, sharing a myriad of adventures, often with startling outcomes. Pairing witty insight with exceptional memory, Mr. Greene has eloquently captured the heart of a boy and his dog. Clark Malcolm Greene has a true gift for storytelling. -Mitzi Robinson, Huntsville, Alabama USA

   Best Boy/Dog Book Ever!    

This book, DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards, by Clark Malcolm Greene, is such a great memoir of a boy and his dog. My son and I enjoyed reading each chapter out loud with the adventures it held. A great book for kids to understand the simple times that no longer exist...and to inspire their own adventures. Love reading the tales of Clark and Patch. – Nancy, Connecticut USA


 A Boy & His Dog - Touching Story of Unconditional Love

Loved this book it was difficult to put down. It left me wanting more. It's very well written and really makes you feel the bond between Clark & Patch. Thank you Clark for writing these memoirs. I really can picture life in the 50's by Lake Erie; the adventures you & your companion Patch are having make me smile. Truly touching stories. Yes, I cried. - Pascale Black

   I Love this Book!  

For anyone who loves dogs and memories of childhood Clark's book DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards is a must! I have witnessed the moment that Clark chose his best friend ever, walked the marshes and lakeside with Clark and Patch, slept safe under the stars, I have swum in icy water, ice-skated with friends and foes, and watched a boy and his dog grow up and old together and saw their love for each other grow with each tale. I have also cried with laughter and with grief. At the end of this marvelous book Clark's story of his young life and Patch's eventual trip over the Rainbow Bridge come to an end and I cried so hard with grief for Clark and his loss of Patch. His writing is so vivid and gives enough to be able to `see' his adventures for yourself. I cannot recommend this book highly enough! I will reread it many times over. Thank you Clark for allowing me to be part of your young life. - Marie Nute


An Absolutely Wonderful Read!

This is a book everyone who has ever owned and loved a dog should read, and especially if you've ever owned and love Airedales. In my opinion, it ranks with Robert Ruark's, The Old Man & The Boy, and, The Old Man's Boy Grows Older.

  A Delightful Read Takes Me Back to Childhood!  

Clark Malcolm Greene's wonderful adventures with his Airedale Terrier, Patch, is a delightful read and takes me back to my childhood when I spent many a barefoot day roaming and exploring nature with my dog in the mesquite woods of south Texas.

It is a tale of how a puppy and a boy grow up together, about dogs and nature and about family dynamics in a time when children and families still played together, worked together, shared life together. It is also about learning respect for all things, about understanding responsibility and following the rules of life. Reading DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards is like being transported into 
a good painting depicting the escapades and shenanigans of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn; you just never know what you might find in the shadows, hiding behind a tree or out in Greene's and Patch's secret hideout.

It's a book to keep in your library, to give as a gift or loan to a friend, to read to your children or grandchildren and re-read on a quiet night to remind you that adventures can still await you, even
if only in your mind, no matter what your age. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. - Jeanne Combo, Taos, New Mexico USA


  Divine Love Between a Boy and His Dog 

If you love dogs and great storytelling, you will love Clark's books.

Clark Greene's story of growing up with his dog Patches is heartwarming! Made me think back
to my own childhood growing up with a dog who gave me love when my family couldn't. His vivid descriptions take the reader back in time to those simpler days, but days when children were to
be seen and not heard. Patches and Clark have some outstanding adventures in the rugged wilderness near Lake Erie. Many times Patches actually saved Clark's life or kept him from harm.
If you love dogs and great storytelling, you will love Clark's book--a fast read. - Diana Davidson, Chandler, Arizona USA


 Great Times Around Lake Erie, Michigan

Remembering those good old days back in South East Michigan can get a person a bit melancholy. We all had such fond memories, right through the days of high school. Clark does
an excellent job in capturing those memories. The adventures of Clark and Patch are reminiscent of the days of small town America. We sure had it good and I do wish we could have them back.
- Joie “12stepgolf” Naples, Florida

    A Real Adventure Into Growing Up With Clark   

A unique knack for taking you back to experience childhood with Clark and his dog, Patch. How fortunate they were to have had each other. I knew the shores of Lake Erie but not like I do now.
I have met the man and one day I will meet Patch. An enjoyable read for young and old alike. Roland T. "Tom" Brancheau. Michigan/Arkansas. - Roland T. Brancheau, USA


A True Dog Lovers Story

Clark Malcolm Greene has written a true dog lover's story. The wonderful relationship between
him and Patch is evident in every word. The book not only tells the story of a dog's devotion to
his master, but also one of everyday love and respect between family members, both two legged and four pawed! -  John Paxton, USA


A Chance to Re-Live Adventures with an Old Friend

Mr. Greene's book made me hearken back to my own childhood- where every adventure was shared with my own 4 legged protector and confidante. I had almost forgotten about those days until reading Clark's book. I was instantly transported back when reading about Clark and his constant companion Patch facing whatever challenges came before them- while also growing up and learning valuable life lessons along the way. All in all, a fantastic read and a chance to revisit with friends long passed. - Ibegg ”70566” Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

   I thrilled to Life’s Beauty, Joy, and Loyalty.    

I Grieved at the Losses, Tragedy, and Pain.

Coming out whole, more able to laugh and cry, is this book's gift! Extremes are easier than balance. In the interaction of adventures exquisitely described, Patch and Clark brought me to a deeper, enriched, and more integrated life. Thanking God, people, and life for the positive, flows automatically from my soul. However, I thank Patch and Clark for letting the gamut of my feelings come alive! The adventures of Patch and Clark became so alive that I was caught up daily accompanying them. I've always wanted to live my life fully! We zipped along on the total spectrum of life in the marshes, home, and Lake Erie community of the 50's and 60's. Mr. Greene's book, DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards, edged me along toward my goal. In our youth, we feel the good and beautiful, enduring and passing quickly through the rest. Yet in truth, to be fully alive, the entire range of human feelings must be reflected on and incorporated. - Kathleen A. Bleyaert, Antiock, Illinois USA

What an Excellent Book to Read and To Read Out Loud to Someone Else!

I was very pleased with this book, a sweet story about Clark growing up in a rural area. Just as pleasant had the pleasure of meeting him in person at a book signing, was nice to put a face with the story of the little boy and Patch. - Wendy G. Hemry, Michigan USA

        Man’s Best Friend      

To me, DOG Is GOD Spelled Backwards, was both the story of a Boy & his Dog and a Coming of Age Story. I saw a lot of the same things I had experienced with Whitey, my Best Friend from when I found him, when I was 4 years old, until he died, when I was a Sophomore in High School. This book had a lot of the elements of "My Friend, Flicker", "Old Yellar" & "Lassie"; but, also "The Call Of The Wild", "The Home Coming" & "The Waltons", too. To me, it's never been a mystery that years after a Dog is gone, he stays in your Heart & means much more than all of your childhood friends, put together. This book was more than a just Story of "A Boy & His Dog"; it was a story of everlasting Love & Friendship! - Alan F. Blanche, Charleston, SC USA

  I Honestly Could Not Put this Memoir Down!  

This is a Great Book for Anybody Who Had a Dog or Ever Wanted a Dog! 

The way Mr. Greene pulls you in, you feel like you know these two, it could have been yourself or brother that is how close you feel to the characters in this story. The way he tells the story you can see them walking down the street almost like it was your own street and you could look out your window to see them walking by at any minute. In every adventure they had, you could feel Clarks fear, joy or sadness and I was always wondering just what trouble Clark and Patch would get into next. Although I just finished reading this book, I know I will read it again. I am looking forward to reading Mr. Greene's second memoir, Things I Only Did Once-Growing-Up Stories. - Stacey Olin, Georgetown, South Carolina USA


There is No One Who Can Read This Memoir and
Not Have Some Portion of the Story Hit Home…or Wish it Did!

DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards, is by any measure a fascinating and engaging memoir by Clark Malcolm Greene. It is easy to envision this book one day being read in an educational setting in addition to or even in place of books like To Kill a Mockingbird, Huck Finn, and Of Mice and Men. I am not trying to purport that Clark Greene is better than those famed authors. I am saying that the stories of this book, an excerpt of postwar life in America through the 1950's on the shores of Lake Erie... the life, happiness, trials, love and rules of this family, this boy and his dog and their adventures, is not only worth reading but worth being read. I tend to live the books I read when I read them. Clark Greene gave me the opportunity to live the love of a puppy, the mischief of a boy, a dog and a boy with his dog. The love of adventure, the unrecognized hardship of growing up during this period of history and of helping realize how the uniqueness of each and every person in a family molds who we become as a part of that family. I laughed, I grinned, I shook my head in surprise and I had to wipe saddened tears from my face. There is no one who can read this book and not have some portion of the story hit home... or wish it did. -  Michael R. Drake, Indiana USA

  A Hall of Fame Dog and Her Boy   

Clark and Patch the dog have a wealth of great adventures in this often funny, whimsical, sad and profound book. The content harks to an earlier era, one which today's kids know nothing about. Play time was spent outdoors instead of in front of the television or computer and families spent, on average, more time together. Mr. Greene grew up on the shores of one of the Great Lakes in Michigan at a time when his neighborhood was still largely rural. Patch and Clark run free and always watch each others' backs. Both of them come through in several pinches. Anyone who
likes dogs will love this charming book. - Elly J. California USA


A Boy and a Dog…An Important Book

With an astonishing degree of recall the author brings us close to early childhood in this celebration of rural living in Michigan in the 30's of the last century. Of all such memoirs we have seen, none has exceded this one in the portrayal of the triumph and tragedy that comes with getting and losing a cherished dog. - Uncle Don G. Fowler, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA


   A Good Book to Kickstart the Memory!     

A wake up call to the life that was. A book of great adventures and the old fashioned love between a boy and his best friend, it opens doors in the many memory nooks of life before the addiction of technology and social restrictions. A good book to kickstart the memory cells and re-appreciate the simple life of childhood gone by. For me, it brought back many forgotten moments of adventure, disappointments and achievements, some things that kids now days may never experience due to the "modern way of life.” - Dog Lover in Australia

Things I Only Did Once, Growing-Up Stories,
A Companion Memoir
by Clark Malcolm Greene

 Don't miss it!

Clark Greene has scored again with this book of entertaining and totally believable tales of
growing up in rural Michigan. While
DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards focused on Clark and his dog, Patch, Things I Only Did Once, Growing-Up Stories, expands the reader's adventure into Clark's world to include family and friends. We can all find a little bit of ourselves in Mr. Greene's stories. A thoroughly delightful read. Don't miss it! - Mitzi Robinson, USA


Cover of 
“DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards-A Memoir”
 shows me when I’m about 3 ½ with Patch, my Airedale &
  Otto. (Thanks to Mom, Dorothee, for taking this photo!)
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       Cover of 
“Things I Only Did Once-Growing-Up           .       Stories shows me with my Irish Terrier, Buttons.
   (Thanks to my wife, Paula Jean, for taking this photo!)

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