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On My Harley

Paula Jean, my darling wife, with Molly, the Boston Terrier

Photo credit, Clark Malcolm Greene

Me in Paris 1991

First Birthday Cake for First Great-Grand Son, Brody John


Buttons, the Irish Terrier

Huxley, the Airedale Terrier


Huxley, all grown up.

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Pitty-Patt, the Kitty-Kat says, "I hate it when you do that flashy-thingy!"

Above photo credits to Paula Jean Matrosic Greene

Charlie the African Gray Parrott who talks and sings and whistles and squawks.
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A Little Bit About Me - Clark Malcolm Greene

I have spent over forty years in industry and education. My teaching experience includes colleges and universities at industrial facilities in the US and Europe. I co-authored a United States Department of Education grant, developed an apprenticeship program with the United States Department of Labor, and have spoken at industrial and educational symposiums.

Now retired, I enjoy writing poems and my first novel. I read voraciously, ride my Harley with my wife Paula Jean, and take pleasure in life with our two dogs, Buttons, an Irish Terrier, and Huxley, the Airedale Terrier, our Tabby cat, Pitty-Patt, and our talking, singing, whistling African Gray Parrot named Charlie. I am also a proud Father, Grand-Father, and Great-Grand Father!

If you are reading this, you've trotted through the photos of the menagerie above.

Listen to me read the touching poem of tribute I wrote for my childhood dog, Patch, an Airedale Terrier, which is included in my first memoir, DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards-A Memoir, titled: “Wait for Me.”

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