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      "Wait for Me" Poem       

Written & Read by Clark Malcolm Greene

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Wait for Me

by Clark Malcolm Greene

Pockets stuffed with memories, I run

back in time, trying to catch up with

a black and tan dog. Her feet leave dusty detonations

on long ago country roads and olden new sown fields.


Bounding dog, bouncing through tall marsh grass.

Vigilant to her boy, whose legs can’t quite keep the pace.

Wooly Bear Dog chasing rabbits, or deer,

or butterflies, the same for one as another.


Big Dog, strong enough to carry us to other worlds,

and get back home in time for supper.

Rowdy Dog to strangers, man or beast, who get too close,

she lies quiet as I pull cockleburs and stickers who hitched our travels.


Sweating cheeks and panting tongue tell tall tales

far better than any boy words at dinner time when,

smells of Dog mixed with soap-scrubbed hands and meat-loaf

and bread pudding while she waits for Mom to look away.


Guarding Dog, on my bed lies in wait for dark dragons,

and dreaming of tomorrow’s Indians and antelopes.

We sleep our way to sunrise,

knowing we have endless days to go.


One grows up, the other grows old,

while the man still runs to catch up.


Wait for me, Patch.

Wait for me.


"Wait for Me" by Clark Malcolm Greene ©

From DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards, A Memoir

All rights reserved. No portion may be reprinted or used

in any form without the author’s express written permission:

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